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Dr. Manoj R. Kandoi  is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons from Thane district. He did his M.B.B.S from J. J. Hospital, Mumbai and post graduation from K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai. He had an excellent academic record securing 8 distinctions in M.B.B.S  and was amongst top 3 students  of Mumbai University throughout his career. His areas of interest include arthritis and osteoporosis besides trauma and fracture surgery. His contributions to Indian medical literature include 4 books, numerous articles in journals and 2 interactive websites ( one each on arthritis and osteoporosis respectively)




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M.B.B.S                      Bachelors of medicine and bachelor of surgery passed in October 1992 from University of Bombay .
D. (Orth)                      Diploma in Orthopedics Surgery passed in November 1996 from the college of Physicians and surgeons, Parel, Bombay.
M.S. (Orth) :                 Master in Orthopedics Surgery passed in January 1997 from the University of Bombay.
F.C.P.S (Orth):             Fellowship of college of Physicians & Surgeon, parel, Bombay.
D.N.B.E. (Orth)             Diplomat qualification degree awarded by National Board of Examination, New Delhi in January 1998.
Postgraduate certificate course in torture medicine. Conducted by IMA in year 2001.

Hospital Attachment


      A)    Dr. Kandoi’s Ashirwad Hospitals:
        Almas Mension, S.V.P. Road, New Colony Ambernath (w) 421501 Tel. No. 2680020, 2681457
        Ganesh Ashish Apartment Vadavli Section, Ambarnath (E) 421501 Tel No. 2606766

B)     Ankur Nursing Home :
         Mohan Plaja, O.T. Section, Ulhasnagar – 4. PH. 2581324

C)     Honorary Consultant :
         Kevalram Chanrali Hospital – Ulhasnagar-3 (affiliated to jaslok Hospital)
         India Red Cross Society, Ulhasnagar -2
         Chayya Hospital Ambarnath (W)


Academic Work


· Treatment modalities for bone defects using Ilizarov Technique: Dissertation submitted for M.S. Examination of Bombay University.
· Management of supracondylar and Intraaricular fracture of femur: Dissertation submitted for the fellowship of college of physician & Surgeon of Bombay.
· Treatment modality of Bone defects using Ilizarov technique: Orthopaedic Update (India) Journal (Indexed) as a first author.
· 'Intermetacarpal transverse k wiring for treatment of fractures of metacarpals' poster presented in IOCON 2009 A Conference Of Indian Orthopaedic Society At Orissa In November 2009
· Tuberculosis of C.V. Junction: Bombay Hospital Journal as a co-author (Vol. 39, No. 4, 1997)
· A typical presentation of spinal tuberculosis a case report: Indian practitioner as a first author (June-97, VOL.50, No.2).
· Leptomeningeal primary melanomas, causing compressive Myelopathy:Indian Journal of Orthopedics Jan 98 as a first author
· Acute disseminated Eosinphilic granuma involving spine: A case report & review of literature: Indian Journal of medical Sciences as a first author (Vol. 52, No.1, Jan. 1998)
· Intradural Extramedullary Tuberculoma causing Cord compression: A case report & Review of Literature: Journal of Indian medical Association as a first author (Vol. 96 No. 8, Aug. 1998)
· Multiple Ipsilateral fracture of lower limb: A study of problems & Management: Indian Journal of surgery as first author.
· Sonographic assessment of bone at distraction site in ilizarov procedure (Vol. 7, No.2, Dec 97).
· "Thoracic outlet Syndrome: A mystery probed "An article published in synapse Vol2 Issue 1 June 2004.
· Current concepts in osteoporosis an article published in Synapse Volume 1 Issue 1 March 2004.
· Tennis Elbow: A review of Literature Article in 'Doctor Mitra' in January '04.
· Therapies in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis: A current concept review in Dr. Mitra No. 70 15th Aug, 2004.
· 'Coccygodynia : A review' published in Pure Health Oct-04
· Editor of Synapse journal of Ambernath medical Association.
· 'Intermetacarpal transverse k wiring for treatment of fractures of metacarpals' article published in journal of Maharashtra orthopedic association Dec. 2007
· .'Intermetacarpal transverse k wiring for treatment of fractures of metacarpals' poster presented in Traumacon 2009 of Indian trauma society in Mumbai
· Supracondylar Osteotomy for correction of developmental Genu Valgum", A paper presented in British Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting in Manchester on 16th September 2004,.
· .'Intermetacarpal transverse k wiring for treatment of fractures of metacarpals' poster presented in IOCON 2009 in ORISSA


International Awards And Fellowships


•Observership at University of Washington, Foot and Ankle Department, U.S.A Harborview Medical Centre in August 2007
•Observership at University of Washington, Foot and Ankle Department, U.S.A Harborview Medical Centre in August 2007
•Observership at Hissing Park Foot and Ankle Clinic October 2008, Augsburg, Germany
•Clinical Fellow, University of Washington
•Observership at Policlinico Multimedica at Milano, Italy in October 2009
•Centro Mano Studo fellow , University of Milan, Italy
•Ankle Arthroscopy Training at Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Holland in year 2011.
•Fellow of International College of Surgeons, Chicago.
•Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine.
•Fellow of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine.
•International affiliate Member, National Osteoporosis Foundation, California.
•Awarded INOR Fellowship of British Orthopedic society the year 2004 by Indian Orthopedic Association to attend British Orthopedics meet at Manchester.
•Awarded "Chikitsak Ratna" of the year Oct 6, 2004, by Global Society for Health and Educational Growth. In New Delhi.
•Aits-Ircad fellowship in wrist arthroscopy in Taiwan in year 2009
•Aits - ircad fellowship in knee arthroscopy in Taiwan in Nov 2010
•Fellowship at university of hongkong in june 2012 at Queen Mary Hospital







Books Written


The basics of arthritis:
A guide for students and practitioners published by :
The  National Book Depot
Parel, Mumbai-400 012
ISBN : 81-87540-25-7
First Edition 2003

Second Edition 2006

Living with Arthritisa Published by :
Institute of arthritis care and prevention
Ambarnath (W). dist: Thane 421 501  

Clinical cases in orthopedics published by
The National Book Depot
Parel, Mumbai -400 012
First edition 2006

ISBN NO.81-87540-58-3

Clinical aspects in osteoporosis
Published by :
Jaypee Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi India
First edition 2005
ISBN NO.81-8061-451-4

Other Contributions


www.arthritisindia.org A comprehensive web based resource for patients and health processionals
www.ostoporosisindia.com a comprehensive web based resource for patents and health professionals

International Referances:


dr.kandoiHe is currently a Professor at University of Washington. Dr. Hansen is listed in The Best Doctors in America and is Director of the Sigvard T. Hansen, Jr. Foot & Ankle Institute. He is an editorial board member of the Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research journal, the AO International Board of Directors, Maurice E. Mueller Foundation of North America Board of Directors, Hansen Chair Committee, Board of Directors for Prosthetics Research Study in Seattle, Washington, and Director, Special Teams for Amputations, Mobility, Prosthetics/Orthotics (STAMP) in Seattle, WA

dr.kandoiDr. Sangeorzan is specialist at the Sigvard T. Hansen Jr. Foot and Ankle Institute and chief of the Orthopedics Service at Harborview Medical Center. He also is professor and vice-chair of UW's Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

dr.kandoiHe is foot ankle specialist and vice chair of the German Association Feet and Ankle Joints - Deutsche Assoziation für Fuß- und Sprunggelenk e.V. (D.A.F. e.V.) - and as associate editor of the German journal concerning feet and ankle joints - Zeitschrift für Fuß- und Sprunggelenk

dr.kandoiIs University Tutor of University of Milan, Italy. From 2005 he is a professor at Vita e Salute University, Saint Raffaele Hospital, Milan. He is co founder and past president of Wristh - World Research Institute for Sport Traumatology of the Hand and founder and Segretary General of ISSPORTH – International Society for Sport Traumatology of the Hand.


MBBS (HK), FRCS (E), MS (HK), FHKAM (Orth), European Diploma of Hand Surgery
Associate Professor
Division Chief of Hand and Foot Surgery
Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology the University of Hong Kong, Queen Mary Hospital

Workshop Participated: (Brief account):


•Basic fracture fixation course organized by department of Orthopedics and Traumatology L.T.M.G. Hospital Sion in April-94.
•Bombay Orthopedics Society western India regional Orthopedics conference (WIROC) held in Bombay 16th –17th Dec 1995
•Advanced fracture fixation course organized by department of Orthopedics and Traumatology L.T.M.G. Hospital Sion in Oct 97.
•Diploma of the National Board for the practice of Orthopaedic Surgery in December 1997.
•"Interlocking Nail Femur & Humerus" Organized by Thane Orthopaedic Society in 11th January 1998.
•Hands on workshop on interlocking nail system organized by Thane Orthopedics Society in January 98.
•Attended POSI 2000 conference (6th annual conference of pediatric Orthopedics society of India)
•Workshop on Osteotomies around the hip during 'POSI' 2000.
•Pediatric fracture course during 'POSI' 2000
•Western India Regional Orthopedics conference 'WIROC-2000' held in Mumbai 16th-17th Dec 2001
•Workshop on Locking Nail Organized by Indore Orthopaedic Association on 3rd, 4th February 2001
•'Basic Arthroscopy Workshop' Organized by B.O.S. on 17th, 18th August 2001.
•Attended and actively Jess Fixalor Workshop Organized by Bombay Orthopaedic Society from 3rd Sep to 8th Sep 2001.
•Attended Jess course'2001 held by B.O.S. at V .N. Desai Municipal in Sept' 2001
•Attended 'Implant Up Date 2001'Conducted by B.O.S. on 9/09/01
•Attended 'MOACON-2001' at Mahabaleshwar 8/11/01
•Attended Orthopaedic On Cology Up Date 19/10/01 organized By BOS.
•Attended 'ISSH-2001 Conference' organized by ISSH
•Attended 'Advanced course in hand surgery' organized by BOS on January 2002.
•Shoulder & Knee Imaging for Radiology Education Foundation (REF) on 16 march 2002.
•Attended 'Uma Symposium-2002' on 22nd December 2002.
•Attended "Fracture In Children" at the Holy Family Hospital, Bandra in 19th January 2003.
•Attended Flap dissection course organized by BOS in August 2003.
•Attended Trauma management course organized by Indian Trauma Society in April 2003 at Coimbatore.
•Attended 17th National seminar on "Individual Achievements & National Development" On 06 Oct 2004 at New Delhi.
•Advanced Hand Surgery ll Instructional Course Indian Orthopaedic association in 24th & 25th January 2004.
•Attended Workshop on basic illizaron Instructional Course Leactures, CMS, Conference at the Golden Jubilee Conference of The Indian Orthopaedic Association held in Mumbai in 25th to 30th December 2005 by IOACON 2005.
•Attended & Actively Participated in the Implants Update 2006.
•Attended "One Small Step" A CME on GAIT & Motion Analysis on 16th & 17th September 2006 at Holy Family Hospital, Bandra (W).
•Attended CME Programme of Diabetic Foot Society of India held on 13th October 2006 at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
•Attended & Actively Participated in CME & Video Show On Ingrown Toe Nail in 7th January 2007.
•Attended & Actively Participated in Symposium on Dentistry & Chickengunia on 28 January 2007.
•Attended & Actively Participated in Paediatric CME on in 11th March 2007. .


International Conferences (Brief Account)   


•Attended APOA (ASIA PACIFIC ORTHOPEDIC ASSOCIATION) conference in April 2003 at Coimbatore.
•Attended annual conference of International College of surgeons in Chennai in July 2003.
•Attended "National Trauma Management Course" by Academy of Traumatology (India), IATSIC, Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association in 23rd & 24th April 2003.

dr.kandoi•Attended 1st Conference on Truma of Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association in 25th – 27th April 2003 at Coimbatore, India.
•Attended International Convention Centre & G-Max, Manchester by British Orthopaedic Association in 15th- & 17th September 2004 & 'Indian Summer' on 14th September 2004.
•Attended Seminar & Hands-on-Workshop on Locking Compression Plate (LCP) in 3rd June 2005 by Synthes International at Miraj.
•Attended APLAR Conference in Kualalumpur, Malaysia in 2006
•Attended "Intramedullary Nailing in Tibial Diaphyseal & Metaphyseal "Organized by AO International in 24th September 2006 at Mumbai.
•Attended joint annual conference of Indian Foot and Ankle Society with British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society 'IFASCON 2008' in 3rd August 2009


Life Member Of


International Organizations :
National osteoporosis foundation (Washington, DC 20037-1292)
World Orthopedics Concern (461/2002)
International Club for Bones & Joints Disease (Year 2002)

National Organizations :
Indian Orthopaedics Association (LM – 4335)
Bombay Orthopedics Society.
Indian medical association (MAH-6875/78/1003/61340/97-98/L)
Association of medical consultants of Bombay.
Kalyan Orthopedics society.
Maharashtra orthopedics Society.
Indian society for surgery of hand
Ambernath Medical Association.
Indian Medical Association: Academy Of Medical Speciality (MAH/468/5/127/20-02)
Ulhasnagar Medical Association.
Indian Foot Society (LM NO.: 159)
Indian Arthroscopy Society.
Indian Rheumatology Association.
Geriatric society of India (No. L-687)(Year 2002)
Trauma Society of India (No.: 176)



Social Work / Organizational activities   


Institute of Arthritis Care and Prevention: A registered charitable trust act registered under Mumbai Trust Act working for the spread of arthritis awareness in the general population and General practitioners. The institute is conducting a certificate course for doctors on arthritis.
Medicare charitable hospital trust: A registered charitable trust act registered under Mumbai Trust Act working for the poor and underprivileged people residing in remote towns of Thane district by conducting free medical camps. The trust is presently engaged in construction of the largest super specialty charitable hospital in Thane district.
Ashirwad group of hospitals: First ISO 9001 certified private group of hospital in Thane district, actively funding the charitable goals of the above mentioned trusts.
API College of Allied Health Sciences: Mumbai' leading paramedical college of studies in Physiotherapy, Optometry, Occupational Therapy, Radio imaging Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology (Bachelor ).


About : Dr. sangita M Kandoi

Dr. sangita M Kandoi is an eminent and highly successful gynecologist of Thane District. She did her graduation and  post graduation from Ahmedabad University  before shifting her base to Ambarnath. Active member & Office Bearer of various social organizations. She has played an important role  in family planning and patient education scenario in Ambernath. Rotary Club of Ambernath (E) awarded her for the same in the year 2000.

Qualification :


M.B.B.S  : Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery passed in June 194 from B.I. Medical College by 1st Attempt from Gujarat University.
M.D.(Gynaec & OBS) passed in April -1998 in 1st attempt from N.H.L. Medical University.

Post qualification experience:
Microsurgery : Underwent an intensive training in microsurgery for infertility management at N.H.L. College.
Laparoscopy:  Underwent a certified training program on laparoscopic surgery in the month of may – June 1998.
Training cource in obstetricsand gynaecological ultrasound & foctal heart rate monitoring heldat wadia hospital in August 2001

Conference Attended :


    Mumbai ultrasound cource conducted at mumbai in september 2001.
    Attended CME ON POISIONING-2001 conducted by IME Ambernath-Badlapur Branch.
    Attended Dr. B N.Purandare C.M.E Nuances of Gynecological surgery workshop organized by mumbai obstetric and Gynaecological society in 
    jan 2002.
Member Of :


   Mumbai Obsteric & Gynecological society.
   India medical Association.
   Association of Consultants of Bombay.
   Association of gynecological Endoscopists of India.
   Indian Medical Association: Academy of medical specialists.
Hospital Attachment


        Dr. Kandoi’s Ashirwad Hospitals:
        Almas Mension, S.V.P. Road, New Colony Ambernath (w) 421501 Tel. No. 2680020, 2681457
        Ganesh Ashish Apartment Vadavli Section, Ambarnath (E) 421501 Tel No. 2606766